Modalities and Certificates

Basic Classes                                                                                                     

Swedish Massage

The basics of massage, learning effleurage and the strokes necessary to perform a healthy, relaxing massage using light to medium touch.

CPR Certification

Certified CPR provider for adults and infants. Renewed every two years, and refreshed every one.
(Current Certification lasts through June, 2015)

Deep Tissue Sculpting

Deep tissue sculpting affects the deeper structures of the muscular-skeletal system, the skin and more superficial fascia through deep, slow compressions and strokes.

Aromatherapy and Herbalism                                                                             

Aromatherapy - Intro

Learning the historical and modern uses; properties and methods of extraction of essential oils; differences between true and synthetic oils; how toblend oils to complement massage therapy and other natural therapies.

Aromatherapy - Advanced

This course builds upon the fundamentals learned in the basic class to deepen and expand knowledge of aromatherapy. Focuses on chemistry, the different types of essential oils and how to combine them effectively for various treatments.

Western Herbalism - Foundations of American Herbal Studies

Learning herbal preparation methods, gaining exposure to contemporary healing herbs and aquiring knowledge to make intelligent choices in selection of medicinal herbs.

Aromatherapy - Toning and Detox

This course applies aromatherapy practice to toning and detoxification treatments. Learn the properties and uses of essential oils and clays that tone skin and detoxify the body. Among other ailments, we treat cellulite, as well as how to incorperate responsible diet and exercixse practices into the treatment.

Aromatherapy - Spirit of the Stones

Experience a powerful, non-invasive healing modality combining hot rock therapy, aromatherapy, massage and spinal releases. An integrated protocol is used to bring structural, physiological and/or emotional healing to the body. Especially beneficial for migranes, scoliosis, chronic infections, boosting of the immune system, etc.

Aromatherapy - Foot Chakra Reflexology

Release on the emotional levels using essential oils and reflexology. Learning the benefits of using aromatherapy with your reflexology treatment to enhance the client's receptivity healing.

Aromatherapy - 5 Elements Acupressure for Emotional Healing

Restoring the emotional and mental balance with essential oil massage, including back and foot emotional reflex areas and Five Element acupressure points. Gaining an understanding of Chinese Five Element emotional patterns and the essential oils used to balance them.

Flower Essences

They are subtle liquid extracts, generally taken in oral form, which are used to address profound issues of emotional well being, soul developement and mind-body health. Learn the precise application of flower essences for specific emotions and attitudes. For example, Olive leaf essence is great for keeping awake and alert.

Reiki Courses                                                                                                      

Reiki I & II Transformational

The sacred reiki symbols are revealed from the beginning of an intense weekend. Learn the first three symbols and how they are used to encourage the body's healing.

Reiki III Traditional & Transformational

Move the universal life force connection into healing not only the physical but the emotional and spiritual. Learn the fourth Reiki symbol and how to use it effectively.

Reiki Master/Teacher Initiation

Become a Reiki Master Teacher, fully initiated with all the symbols; qualified and competent to teach Reiki to others.

Specialty Courses                                                                                               

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage promotes balance of the body's internal chemistry, purifies and regenerates tissues, helps normalize the functions of organs and promotes function of the immune system.

Elder Touch

Learning how to work responsibly with geriatric clients and patients. Contradictions are explored in depth. A safe and effective protocol is learned to use with the elderly, those with chronic illness or in frail health.

Baby Touch

Therapists are taught how to teach caregivers to massage their own babies. Learn the infant protocol, including age-appropriatre variations and teaching others.

Myotherapy - 7-Step Release System

A deep therapy approach to incorperating assisted stretches and skeletal articulations. Find the holding pattern in a persons body and use very specific steps to release tight, tied-up muscles.

Sports Injury and Hydrotherapy

Studies of a variety of sports-related injuries and how to treat them acutely (immediately after injury) and chronically (days to years after the fact). Hydrotherapy is the use of water both cold and hot to address these injuries and to assist in retaining and regaining of the joint or limbs original strength.

Fibromyalgia Therapy

The pathology and pain of the syndrome is explored in depth. Study the trigger points involved with fibromyalgia and how meridian therapy can create significant relief. Lymphatic body brushing is learned as well.

Mother Touch

A course designed to learn to give the pregnant client a safe, gentle, yet highly effective therapeutic massage. Leanr how pregnancy changes the body, when it is appropriate or contraindicated, techniques for producing total relaxation of muscles while peacefully stimulating blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and endocrino-logical balance.

Cranial Unwinding 1

The cranio-sacral rhythms are at the core of the body's pulse; learning to palpate and balance them is like discovering the ebb and flow of the ocean. By contacting the tissue in this way, areas of the body which have become devitalized or overcharged have an opportunity to reconnect with the primary healing core energy of the body.

Traditional Chinese Medical Bodywork - Tui-Na for Practitioners

Learn the principles of acupressure and soft tissue manipulation to clear unwanted accumulations, regulate energy flows, promote self-healing into new vistas. Skin, nerve, meridian, and Fire Element theories are covered as well.

Crystal Healing

Have you ever found a stone that you had to bring home? Are you drawn to help facilitate people in their healing process? In this class you find out how to combine your love of crystals and stones with a basic foundation of knowledge that will enhance your natural gifts. From Azurite to Zincite to Crystal Layouts, it's you, connecting with Mother Earth.

Breast Health

Learning therapeutic techniques for enhancing women's breast health, including release of pectoral muscles, working with breast implants, mastectomy rehab, scar tissue softening, breast flushing, and effecting breast self-exam. Also learned is the latest in understanding what enhances or diminishes breast health - environmentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Mother Touch - Advanced

Meeting the client's expanding needs. Aromatherapy safe for pregnancy, guided imagery and visualization for optimum maternal and fetal awareness, charting, labor massage techniques, postpartum renewal, and more.

Cranial Unwinding 2

Focuses on physical and energetic techniques for still point induction, strain and counterstrain, direction of energy, and introduction to the facial bones as well as a deeper understanding of the cranial bones.

Taoist Philosophy - The way to Unstress and Succeed

This peaceful path seeks to cure illness profoundly not by masking the symptoms but by restoring balance in the body and by mastering our spiritual evolution. Our physical problems relate to lessons intended to bring us back on the path of our evolution. Find out how to identify the specific mind-body-spirit connectiond, solve the corresponding problems, and even avoid the hard way of the lessons.

Polarity - 5 and 6-Point Star

The 5 Point Star is an image of the body’s shaping process. It shows how we hold ourselves and how we experience life. This class involves recognizing this image and learning various techniques in bringing the system into balance. The 6 Point Star has two triangles, and is a perfectly polarized expression of both our involuntary being and our evolutionary being; one triangle is facing up, and the other facing down. Dr. Stone said "As above, as below". In this class you learn to integrate these fields through particular energetic point location as outlined in Randolph Stone's work, so as to allow the structure to permit proper expression to flow in and out of the being.