Pregnancy and Massage

One of my many specialties is Pregnancy Massage, accompanied by Infant Massage after your child is born. If you are interested in recieving massage throughout your pregnancy or even just once there is a lot to take into consideration.

In order to recieve massage during your pregnancy I will need the following information.

  • Written and signed clearance from your doctor approving you for massage, to be renewed every trimester if you are anything other than a low-risk pregnancy. High-risk pregnancies are generally not approved for massage. Included in the clearance should be whether you are a normal or high risk pregnancy - this will affect the work I am able to do with you and/or your child(ren).
  • A written list of any allergies you may have, as I have a variety of oils available to use for your massage and I do not want to use one that puts you or the baby at risk. For example I need to know if you are allergic to coconut or olive oil, as those are the two base oils I use. Alternatives can and will be found if you have allergies to these oils.
  • I must have knowledge of any and all known family diseases, disorders, or complications including bi-polar, diabetes, history of twins, etc. These conditions can affect what type of massage work I can use safely.

All Pregnancy Massages that I participate in are done at the clients home. If another location is chosen, the client MUST have someone to drive her to and from the massage. This is to prevent you from over-straining or stressing yourself after having your muscles relaxed.

Please remember to drink water! It is recommended that in the 24 hours following any massage you drink a minimum of one gallon of water to assist in flushing your system. For pregnancy massage, it is requested that you continue to drink a minimum of half a gallon a day for the following two to three days after the initial 24 hours.

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

Nearly ALL aromatherapy techniques must cease during pregnancy. There are however, a few exceptions. When doing aromatherapy with pregnancy massage, I lean towards specific base oils to prevent and assist with stretch marks, including Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba Lotion, and Coconut Oil. All of them are, in some form, a cell regenerative or softener and will help to reduce the scar tissue that occurs in stretch marks.

Most Essential Oil usage stops entirely until the second and third trimester, in which Lavender and Citrus oils may be used in minimal amounts depending on the nature of the pregnancy. You definitely want to converse with your Doctor on whether Aromatherapy is a good choice for you to use during your current pregnancy.